Flood warnings issues along Lincolnshire coastline - be prepared

13 January 2017

The Environmental Protection Agency have issued storm surge warnings and flooding alerts for many areas near the Lincolnshire coast today (Friday 13th January 2017)

Waterloo Housing is aware of this, and our contact centre and area staff are being briefed in the event of any of our residents being affected. If you believe you will be affected, or have been affected by any flooding incidents, please call our contact centre as soon as it is safe to do so on 0800 435 016 and one of our advisers will assist you.

The storm surge risk has lowered slightly due to favourable conditions this morning, however more than 30 flood warnings are still in effect for the Lincolnshire area and we would advise our tenants to be aware of and prepared for possible flooding tonight

You can get live information about the flood warnings still in place by visiting the GOV.UK Website Flood Information Service via this link and entering your post-code

You can also view the Lincolnshire Coastline's current flood alerts and warnings at the GOV.UK website using the link embedded in this text

The Government has published flood preparation advice which can be found on the GOV.UK website under "Prepare for Flooding" or via this link

More information is also being published on Twitter by numerous agencies (including Radio Lincolnshire, ITV news and the Environmental Protection Agency) using the hash-tag #Lincsstormsurge

The Coast Guard are also strongly advising people to avoid the coast today and especially during the evening, as the weather conditions and potential storm surge pose a serious risk to life.

The emergency services and army are on standby in the areas which are considered to be at most risk, and we would like to reassure our tenants that these preparations are in place to limit any potential impact as much as possible