Electric Blankets: How to stay safe this winter

01 December 2017

As the cold weather approaches, more and more of us have found ourselves switching the heating on and dusting off our electric blankets.

However, it’s important to remind ourselves how to avoid the dangers whilst using them.

If you’re still in the market for an electric blanket, there’s a lot of advice about making sure you buy yours from a reputable retailer. Most manufacturers provide their own recommendations which, if followed, reduce the risk of injury and malfunction.

However, here are some general tips and advice on how you can use yours safely…

Electric blanket: safety tips

  1. Regularly check the blanket for signs of damage
  2. Avoid using the blanket whilst it’s still folded
  3. Never insert pins to hold the blanket in place on the bed
  4. Avoid using the bedding with infants, or people who are immobile and can’t operate the controls
  5. Ensure the heated bedding always lies flat
  6. Make sure your pets aren’t lying on the bedding whilst it’s switched on
  7. Turn off your electric blanket when it’s not in use
  8. Avoid using the bedding on adjustable beds or chairs (as wires could slip into the mechanisms)

Maintaining your electric blanket

Whilst it may seem that there are a lot of rules when it comes to electric bedding, it’s important that you never underestimate the threats that these popular household items pose.

If your blanket is over 10 years-old you should consider replacing it with a newer model. However, it’s important to point out that blankets should not be disposed of with general domestic waste.

You can visit the Electrical Safety First website to find out more about using your electric blanket safely.

Keeping fire safe this December

December is one of the most dangerous months for house fires - with the cold weather comes more reliance on portable heaters, electric blankets, and other heat sources. And the festive season means lights, candles, decorations, pine needles, and other new ignition sources not normally found in your home. With this in mind Waterloo Housing Group will be sharing fire safety tips and information throughout December on this website as well as on Facebook and Twitter.