Registering with Homes Direct

To apply for a home in East Lindsey, you need to register on Homes Direct.

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Waterloo uses Homes Direct to manage the housing register (or waiting list) on behalf of East Lindsey District Council. All of our homes in the area are advertised on Homes Direct weekly.

You will be allocated a ‘band’ automatically when you register, based on East Lindsey District Council's housing allocation policy which you can read below, and you can start bidding straight away.

PDFEast Lindsey District Housing Allocation Scheme September 2015 - Approved version (1).pdf, 216 kDownload

The guide below takes you through the application process step by step. It also tells you about bidding for suitable homes and what happens if your application is successful.

PDFHomes Direct guide for Lincolnshire, 2079 kDownload

Help to register

Homes Direct is an online service only and does not accept paper applications. If you cannot access or use the internet, you can get assistance at our weekly housing surgeries or East Lindsey District Council's drop ins, held in Louth, Skegness, Horncastle and Mablethorpe. There are also many libraries and other online centres across East Lindsey that provide internet access.

You can come along to a drop in sessions to use a computer to complete your own Homes Direct application, with Waterloo staff on hand to help if needed.

Or, you can ask for an appointment at a housing surgery, during which we will ask you questions about your housing situation and register you for the service. To book an appointment please telephone our Contact Centre on 0345 600 6055.

To register an application, you will need to bring the documents below with you:

  • National Insurance number
  • details of all addresses you, and any joint applicant or household member, have lived at for the previous five years, including dates
  • income information i.e. salary details, benefits confirmation, savings etc
  • details of any medical issues, CCJs or anything else that you feel is relevant to your housing application

Help to bid

If you can’t get to a computer and don’t have any family or friends who can place bids for you, we may be able to set up automatic bidding. That means that the Homes Direct system will place bids on any suitable homes on your behalf. We will contact you if you are successfully shortlisted for a property.

Help to update your application

If your housing circumstances change and you can’t update your application yourself, you can call our Contact Centre on 0345 600 6055. They will be able to take your details over the telephone and update your application for you. Alternatively, please email us on

Applying for a home if you are homeless

If you are faced with homelessness (i.e. if you have been served a notice by your landlord or have been asked to leave the place where you are currently staying) you should contact the housing options team at East Lindsey District Council on 01507 601111. They will make an appointment for you to see a housing options advisor and, where necessary, take you through a homelessness application.

New homes

We aim to build around 1,000 new affordable homes every year.

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Immediately available homes

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