Waterloo Podcast

The Waterloo Podcast is a monthly discussion hosted by Donna Lyons and Debbie Green, where we visit the communities we serve to find the questions that matter to you.

Episode 2

In this episode Marion Duffy Group Regional Operations Director answers your questions on topics ranging from back garden trees to empty properties and we start to explore what the recent Government Green paper could mean for you.

Episode 1

In episode one Board member Steve Dyson answers your questions on topics ranging from housing for older people to garden fences.

Get involved

Call your local community engagement officer:

  • Leicestershire and Rutland
    0121 788 7585
  • West Midlands
    0121 788 7789
  • Lincolnshire
    0121 788 7757 or 0121 788 7758
  • Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
    01858 414519