Investor relations

We aim to be the leading provider of robust and flexible housing solutions in the Midlands. Our clear and straightforward approach is based on strong business values and a track record for high performance delivery of our objectives.

Our commitment to using our financial capacity to grow the business and provide new homes means we welcome working with existing and potential investors to develop new opportunities.

Governance and viability

In the most recent regulatory judgment from the Regulator of Social Housing, we were awarded the highest ratings for both governance and viability.

  • Governance rating-G1
    The provider meets our governance requirements as set out in the Governance and Financial Viability standard (published August 2017).
  • Viability rating-V1
    The provider meets our viability requirements as set out in our governance and financial viability standard and has the capacity to mitigate its exposures effectively (published August 2017).

Key contacts

If you would like to discuss investment opportunities, please contact:

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