Equality, diversity and inclusion

Waterloo Housing is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion throughout our organisation.

One of our key strategic priorities is "to work with our boards, staff, customers and partners to ensure that our services are responsive to the communities we work with".

In particular:

  • we are against all forms of discrimination as it creates barriers to achieving equality for all people
  • we will make sure that all sections of the community we work with have equal access to our services
  • we will make sure that our services are relevant and that we respond in a sensitive way to the needs of our customers
  • we are committed to working with our customers, staff and other organisations (our partners) to develop and provide excellent services which meet everyone's needs

Our values and commitments

We will make sure we keep to our commitments and values by:

  • asking our customers what they think about our services
  • talking to relevant organisations for advice
  • using the information we get to improve our services
  • providing practical guidance to staff through our staff Diversity Guide
  • monitoring and reporting on how well we are doing

Fairness For All

Waterloo Housing values diversity and actively promotes equality, inclusion and fairness within the workplace and the communities it serves.

We are committed to fairness and equality for all regardless of their colour, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, religion or belief, family circumstances or offending history, as referred to in our relevant policies.  Our aim is to ensure that our policies and procedures do not create an unfair disadvantage for anyone, either directly or indirectly.

This is achieved by:

  • Treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • Recognising and respecting the varied needs of our communities and employees
  • Challenging prejudice and discrimination
  • Fostering an inclusive and trusting culture
  • Valuing and encouraging better understanding of people’s differences
  • Recruiting employees in a fair and non-discriminatory way
  • Waterloo Housing operates a zero tolerance approach to the bullying, harassment, intimidation, discrimination or victimisation of its employees.  This may be in the form of verbal, non-verbal or written communications (including entries on personal social media accounts). All allegations of such behaviour will be investigated promptly and fairly, and action will be taken as necessary to prevent such behaviour from happening or recurring.

Key achievements 2016/17

Our Fairness For All Strategy is supported with an annual action plan.  This sets out the key actions that we plan to work on during the year.  Examples of achievements over the last year include:

1. Holding a “Diversity Week” across our offices. This was attended by staff and board members and included topics such as Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Awareness and Resilience.

2. Updating our Diversity Guide for staff. This is a guide that helps our staff deliver a fair and accessible service to our customers.

3. Learning from organisations outside the housing sector about how they deliver a fair and accessible service in their sector.

4. Developing our Modern Day Slavery Act Statement.

We are currently reviewing our key priorities for this year, and will continue to provide an update on our plans and progress on our website.

We are committed to providing a fair and accessible service to all of our customers. If you have any feedback on the accessibility of our services, please let us know and we will try to put it right.

Other examples of our work

  • Good Neighbourhood Agreements: Waterloo has worked with customers at a retirement development in West Bridgford to develop a Good Neighbourhood Agreement aimed at setting expectations for the community and use of the building facilities. We use Good Neighbourhood Agreements on new build housing developments as a way of supporting the development of new communities.
  • Community Action Plans: We have undertaken a number of community action plans aimed at improving the built environment and boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Digi-Lounges: We support a number of digi-lounges across our operating areas, including a joint venture with the Brandhall Centre in Kings Heath. The centre principally serves older persons, ensuring that people of all ages are digitally included.
  • Roadshows: We recently completed a series of Roadshows across the Midlands and Lincolnshire, aimed at providing a visible presence within the communities in which we work and regularly undertake such roadshows and other community engagement events
  • Universal Credit mystery shopping: Our mystery shopper team recently undertook a review of the Universal Credit information presented on both the website and Your Waterloo. This involved assessing the speed at which commonly required information could be found, the quality of the information, as well as providing feedback on the proposed addition of two video clips. The feedback provided has led to a review of the website information to ensure that the information is as easy to understand and as accessible as possible.

How can I find out more?

You can read more about our plans for equality and diversity in the publication below. If you have any comments or queries, please email us at equalityanddiversity@waterloo.org.uk

PDFDeveloping Respect - our Fairness for All Strategy 2015-2018, 719 kDownload