Affordable Housing in Oxfordshire

We want to know your thoughts

Waterloo Housing Group would like to know your thoughts on the building of affordable homes in Witney, Oxfordshire

As part of our Business Values of Openness and Customer Focus, we want to know:

  • Do you feel that new homes are needed in the area?
  • Have you looked for affordable rented or shared ownership properties in Witney before, but couldn't find anything?
  • Would you want a home to rent or buy in the area if properties were built?

To answer these questions, visit the links below

Homes for Witney

The website Homes for Witney has been made where you can get more information about affordable housing in the area

Find out more...

Homes for Witney on Facebook

A Facebook group has also been set up so you can share your thoughts

Have your say

New homes

Find out about some of our recent housing developments

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