Can I buy the home I rent?

If you rent your home from us, you may be able to buy it at a discounted purchase price, depending on the type of tenancy and property you have.

This may be possible through:

  • Right to acquire
    Right to acquire allows you to buy your home at a fixed discount set by the government. It may be available if you have an assured tenancy. 

  • Right to buy
    Right to buy allows you to buy your home at a discount based on its market value. It is only available if you have a secure tenancy or if you have an assured tenancy with the ‘Preserved Right to Buy’. 

    You will only have a secure tenancy with us if your tenancy started before 15 January 1989. 

    You will only have the Preserved Right to Buy if your home used to be owned by East Lindsey District Council and was transferred to us in 1999 while you were living in it. 

Plans to extend the Right to buy

The government plans to change the rules around buying your rented home by extending the Right to buy to more housing association tenants and increasing the discounts. The Government have announced a delay in the roll-out of the new Voluntary Right to Buy scheme until at least 2019 and the existing rules given here will still apply until at least 2019.

Buying through shared ownership

Shared ownership, or part-buy part-rent, is where you buy a share of a shared ownership property and pay rent on the rest. You can buy more shares when you can afford to so. In most cases, you can eventually own your home outright if you want to.

You can’t convert your rented home to a shared ownership one. But our low cost home ownership arm, Waterloo Homes, offers new homes to buy through shared ownership. 

Find out more about shared ownership

Waterloo Homes residents

If you are a shared owner, leaseholder or market rent tenant, please go to the Waterloo Homes website

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