Changes to your rent and service charges

We will give you one calendar month’s notice, in writing, of any changes to your rent or service charges.

Rent increases

Your rent will change every year in line with the government guidelines for housing associations. 

In recent years, your rent has increased every year based on the consumer prices index (CPI), plus 1%.

The Government has now asked housing associations such as Waterloo to reduce rents over a period of four years. More information on the new rent for your home is given as part of the annual review of rents and service charges.

Service charges

We will make any changes to your service charges at the same time as your rent changes. We are always trying to improve the way we manage the services we provide, so these charges can sometimes go down. 

What happens if I disagree with the changes?

If you have any questions about the changes to your rent or service charges, please email or call 0800 436 015.

Pay your rent at a time to suit you

You can pay your rent or view a rent statement at any time using Your Waterloo

If you have a rent query or are having trouble paying your rent, our Rents Team are available 9am-7.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and 9am-3pm Saturday.

Call 0121 788 7663 or email

Easier ways to pay your rent

We work with allpay to offer you a range of easy, safe and flexible ways to pay your rent.

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