Discretionary Housing Payments

If you are affected by the benefit changes and are unable to make up the shortfall in your rent yourself, then you may be able to claim a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).

This is a payment available from local councils for people they consider to be in need of additional help with their housing costs.  

Funds for DHP are limited, so your application may not be successful. Also, it is only likely to be paid for a short period so you cannot rely on it for the long term. Some councils are only paying DHP for a maximum of 13 weeks.

How do I claim DHP?

To claim DHP, you need to get a DHP application or claim form from your local council. Make sure you read the guidance notes before filling in the form. If you would like some help to fill in your DHP application form, please talk to your Rent Officer.

The form will ask for details of your personal circumstances, including your income and your spending. You may also be asked to provide supporting evidence, such as rent statements and utility bills. It is important to provide all the information requested on the form or your application may be rejected.

If your council decides to award you a payment, they will write to tell you how much you will be paid and for how long.

You must inform your council if your circumstances change as they may need to review your DHP award.  

How do I appeal a decision?

If your DHP application is turned down, or if you disagree with the amount to be paid, you can ask your council to look at your case again. This usually has to be done within a month of receiving the initial decision. 

Your council can provide you with full details of their appeals process.

Useful links

Below are the DHP claim forms and guidance for the main councils covering our areas.  

If your council is not shown, please contact them direct.

You can also download the gov.uk factsheet for claimants of Housing Benefit explaining what Discretionary Housing Payments are and how to claim below:

PDF GOV.UK - Claiming Discretionary Housing Payments - Housing Benefit Claimant Factsheet.pdf, 15 k Download

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