How you can get involved

We have lots of ways that you can get involved. We appreciate any amount of time and effort you give to taking part and we'll give you a very warm welcome.

To apply, please call your local community development officer, or complete the form below and we'll call you.

Scrutiny panels

We have three scrutiny panels - one each for the East Midlands, West Midlands and Lincolnshire. They are made up of ‘resident inspectors’ who work with us to examine and test our services. They hold us to account if we are not giving you value for money. 

The scrutiny panels have helped us to improve our customer service standards in many areas. Their findings are presented to our boards and we make sure any actions promised are carried out.

If you join a scrutiny panel, we will give you training and reward you for your time and effort. All you need is a desire to be part of a team championing residents’ interests to make real improvements.

Mystery shoppers

Mystery shoppers test our service quality by contacting us by telephone or email. They then fill in a simple form to tell us how we are performing and help us to make improvements. all expenses are covered and Mystery shoppers are rewarded for their time. This is an ideal way to get involved if you do not want to commit to regular meetings.

Tenant representatives

Tenant representatives work closely with their Housing Officer on local issues that affect their community. A Tenant rep can accompany housing officers on site inspections, help tackle anti-social behaviour or assist with any issues affecting your neighbourhood.

Being a Tenant rep is not time consuming, you won't need to commit to regular meetings and is ideal for residents passionate about their local community

Residents' associations

We have a number of residents' associations across our areas which we support in making a positive contribution to their communities. Each association is an independent group and what they do and how often they meet differs from group to group.

Activities can include campaigning for environmental improvements, building community spirit through social activities and working together to make your community a safer, more pleasant place to live.

Waterloo Residents' Association (WRA), for example, is a well-established group operating in the West Midlands. They oversee grants for initiatives such as replanting shrubs, putting in extra security lighting and running play activities for children.


If there are particular issues which affect all our residents, we send out reply-paid surveys asking for your views in the post. We regularly survey a large number of residents to find out what your overall views are about our services (sometimes we also email residents with online surveys). All your views count, so please make sure you have your say by completing and returning any survey(s) you may receive.

Focus groups

These are one-off meetings where you can express your views on a particular topic.  For example, a group of residents met to share their views on our annual report and helped us to improve it. 

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Get involved

Call your local community development officer: 

  • East Midlands
    0121 788 7581
  • West Midlands
    0121 788 7530
  • Lincolnshire
    01507 355229 or 355284