Dream Scheme

If you have a bright idea that could make a difference to your local community, or know of a great local project that involves Waterloo residents, you could apply to our Dream Scheme for funding.

Dream Scheme is our grant fund to support local projects that benefit our communities and neighbourhoods. It can help in a variety of ways – from providing better security lighting to running events to keep young people fit and active.

Any Waterloo resident or resident group can apply to the Dream Scheme, either directly or through a member of our staff. Your local Community Development Officer will put your bid forward, along with any supporting information, to the Local Board for your area.

Our Local Boards meet four times a year to consider and decide on grant bids. Your Community Development Officer will let you know their decision. If they approve your idea, you will receive the money or have the work done as soon as possible.

Recent projects that are benefiting from Dream Scheme funding include:

  • kit for a children’s football club to help stop football being played in the street 
  • motion sensor lights fitted to the back of a property with a passageway to deter late-night loitering and anti-social behaviour 
  • landscaping of a communal garden, with raised flower beds that older residents can more easily tend and enjoy
  • a lockable gate in a passageway between two homes to prevent rubbish being dumped
  • trips for a newly-formed residents association, and a new TV for their communal lounge 
  • play equipment and arts and crafts materials for children’s activities in an estate’s community house

If you and your neighbours have a project in mind, why not see if our Dream Scheme can help? Fill in the form below to request a pack, speak to your Community Development Officer or call our Contact Centre on 0800 453 016.

Dream Scheme enquiry form

For existing Waterloo residents only


Get involved

Call your local community development officer: 

  • East Midlands
    0121 788 7581
  • West Midlands
    0121 788 7530
  • Lincolnshire
    01507 355229 or 355284