Our report to you 2014/15

The below report shows our performance during 2014/15 in the key service areas that affect our customers. 

Collecting rents

It is essential that we collect all rent so we can build, maintain and manage our customers’ homes. 

Our rent arrears total at the end of March (shown as a percentage of rent due for the year) was 3.8%, under our target of 4.2%

Our new target is even lower and we aim to have met or exceeded that by the end of this year.

If you are struggling to pay your rent, we can help. Please talk to a member of our Rents Team on 0800 435 016 (option 3).

Letting homes

If we let our homes quickly it benefits everybody, so we were delighted to have let 1356 homes across the Midlands and Lincolnshire last year, including a large amount of new homes we built to meet local housing needs.

We measure and report the average number of days it takes to let a property, which can be seen below:

Letting new homes
Target: 2 days
Actual: 1 day

Re-letting previously tenanted homes
Target: 15 days
Actual: 31 days

Carrying out repairs and maintenance

We know how important our repairs service is to you and we aim to get repairs completed right first time.

The performance reported below is the percentage of all repairs which were fully completed within our repair priorities timeframes.

Here’s how we did:  

  • Out-of-hours repairs
    Target: 97% completed within 24 hours
    Actual: 98.7% completed within 24 hours
  • Emergency repairs
    Target: 97% completed within 24 hours 
    Actual: 98.1% completed within 24 hours
  • Urgent repairs
    Target: 97% completed within 7 days
    Actual: 98.6% completed within 7 days
  • Routine repairs
    Target: 97% completed within 21 days
    Actual: 98.3% completed within 21 days

We closely monitor our contractors’ performance and check that they are keeping the appointments they make – and you can help too by ensuring you are home when they make an appointment.

Handling complaints

We want to give you the best service we possibly can, but we know that things sometimes go wrong and we make mistakes. If this happens, we want to know so we can try to put it right. We collect information on the complaints we receive so that we can learn from them. We set timescales for responding to complaints and aim to resolve them as soon as we can.

Last year, 95.2% of the 312 complaints received were resolved and closed within target times.  

We aim to improve this further by continuing to develop our housing reporting IT systems.

Tackling anti-social behaviour

Most people enjoy a good relationship with their neighbours, but anti-social behaviour by a small number can upset the peace and enjoyment of your home. If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, you can report it online.

We aim to tackle problems early and stop them developing. We have a team in place to deal quickly and firmly with persistent and repetitive nuisance. During 2014/15 our dedicated ASB team successfully dealt with 821 reports of ASB and three tenants were evicted during the year due to the nuisance they had caused in their communities. 

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