Survey of tenants and residents (STAR)

The national Survey of Tenants and Residents aims to measure residents' satisfaction with our services.

We sent the most recent STAR survey to a third of all Waterloo Housing Group tenants in October 2013. Our results, shown below, are compared to those of other housing providers who are of a similar size or operate in similar areas to us.

Key results

  • 84.2% of respondents are very or fairly satisfied with the overall service provided by Waterloo (average of comparable providers 84.9%)
  • 88.9% are very or fairly satisfied with the overall quality of their home (86.9%)
  • 86.8% are very or fairly satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live(87%)
  • 83.4% are very or fairly satisfied that their rent provides value for money (82.3%)
  • 62.5% are very or fairly satisfied that their service charge provides value for money (66.11%). Our action plan involves further work on service charges during 2014/15.
  • 82.7% are very or fairly satisfied with the way Waterloo handles repairs
  • 68.5% are very or fairly satisfied that Waterloo listened to their views and acted upon them (68.2%)

Overall summary

The STAR survey highlighted some areas where we need to improve and has given us invaluable insight into what matters most to our customers.

In many areas, such as quality of the home, providing value for money and repairs, reported satisfaction for Waterloo Housing Group is consistent with or better than the average for comparable providers.

But we recognise that satisfaction levels in other areas have dipped. This is perhaps unsurprising given our huge restructuring and relocation in 2013. These changes aim to help us offer an improved, more consistent service to customers across the Group, regardless of where they live.

We also used this survey to collect information on residents who were under-occupying their home and likely to be affected by benefit changes. This helped us provide targeted support and advice. 

Key actions during 2013:

  • Moving to our new Business Centre in Solihull and developing ‘hubs’ in Louth and Leicester to support local delivery of customer-facing services
  • Restructuring into focused teams (e.g. income collection or lettings) providing a consistent service to customers Group-wide
  • Developing a new Contact Centre offering customers a single point of contact 24/7
  • Improving our websites, including developing a new talk2waterloo website dedicated to providing customers with information about the impact of benefit changes and options available.

Action plan for 2014/15

Our Local Boards have considered the results of this STAR survey and our planned response. Work we will be doing this year includes:

  • Developing our management of service charges Group-wide to ensure consistent service delivery and better value for money for customers
  • Developing our tenant scrutiny work and mystery shopping to help our resident-majority Local Boards become more effective and better able to hold us to account
  • Improving communications and facilities for customers, such as developing an online portal to allow customers to self-serve
  • Developing services from our new Contact Centre to provide a tailored response to customers
  • Rolling out a new Community and Neighbourhoods Team plan to address local issues, and working with our Local Boards to use an increased budget to deliver community improvements
  • Reviewing key services, such as grounds maintenance and repairs, to ensure they are delivered to high standards and provide value for money
  • Developing our new Group approach to managing performance, including a more consistent approach to surveys and customer feedback

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